2022 and the dreaded Omicron

 The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 started out horribly. My fiancé's mother was involved in a car accident on Christmas evening and succumbed to her injuries on New Year's Day. 

There are a lot of other personal issues going on but it's not my place to get into those matters, so I will stay mute about those for now.  My fiancé' has moved in with me and while he misses his child hood home as do I, I love that we wake up next to each other every morning and that we are all under one roof. My dogs adore him and his cat is settling in well. 

I tested positive for Covid-19 on January 11th. I had felt really cruddy before Christmas but had tested negative. Had sinus issues and bad headaches then. This month, I was hit with it all over again followed by bad sore throat. The day after I tested positive I lost my sense of taste and smell and my lymph nodes in my neck swelled up. 

Thankfully my sense of taste and smell has returned and I am pretty much back to normal. I will tell you that decongestants are a must. I was taking Mucinex non stop because I was so backed up and congested. I still have a lingering dry cough, otherwise I feel pretty good.

We were hit with a bad snow storm today as I'm posting this. So it's giving me a chance to actually slow down and blog today.  The dogs will need to go out soon. They love the snow but even they have their limits with this storm. 

For those in the Northeast US like me, I hope you are all staying warm and be careful in this weather. 

Until next time...


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