Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It is what it is

 I'm not making any excuses why I haven't updated in a bit. From now on, I will just post when I can and leave it at that. Other than an occasional bot reply, I don't think many people read this and that's okay. I get it that blogs are not a thing like they used to be. We live in a world now where people want small videos for entertainment and indulgence. (Yes I'm talking about Tiktok), I do have one but I don't have the time to post videos on there either. 

So for an update:

I'm officially engaged as of 10-18-2021. It seems so surreal. For those that know me in real life or from Facebook, yes I know we haven't been dating long. However, I had only my late husband for 6 months before he proposed. We were happily married 17 years. When you know, you just know. I'm grateful for another chance at happiness and I'm truly happy

However ,I'm scared to death that I'm going to lose him before we get married. My fiancĂ© has health issues, which I knew getting into the relationship. However now they have worsened of the course of 4 months.  We are doing everything right getting his health back on track. Monitoring his blood pressure, sugars, tests etc. I'm just hoping everything goes okay Friday at this latest appointment. 

So I still do review products and social promos, but not as often due to my personal life being topsy turvy right now. 

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween for those that celebrate. Not sure what I'll be doing but I started decorating in September. Just hoping it's a happy one.

Getting my health back on track.

 I finally saw my general practitioner. It's been a while. She ordered a lot of tests for me to get done.  While I was there I got my 1s...