Memorial Day Thoughts

 Today the US honors those that have passed while on duty in the US Military. 

 Growing up, my Mother, late sister and I would go to cemeteries where our loved ones were buried and plant flowers and reminisce about our lost loved ones. We did this from the time I was very little til probably my mid 20s.  I remember my one cousin would make the most beautiful wreaths and put them amongst the tomb stones.  We cleaned any left over debris and would tidy up things while visiting and wouldn't be home until before dark.

We honored those lost in active duty as well as civilian life. It was just a way my Mother learned to process her grief I suppose and while I didn't realize it being young, I now understand how painful that must have been for her. 

Mom is 77 now and Dad is 82. They are the last of their generation. As all of their siblings are gone. I won't go into personal details of their relationship.  Just that they have been apart for a long time now.

Not sure where I am going with all of this today. I guess I am just looking back on simpler times.

Hug your dear ones and let them know you care. Today is what you make it and tomorrow is sadly never promised. 


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