Some good news and a hiccup

 I heard from my Mom and she is no longer in advanced quarantine. She can now receive packages. So glad that I was able to send her belated Christmas gifts. She did have a fall and was sent to the hospital last week but she was fine and sent back home.

I can't believe Valentine's Day will soon be here. It's always a bittersweet day for myself and my girls. Mainly because my Husband and their Dad was in a fatal accident two days before in 2018.  I may have mentioned that in a previous post. Sorry my memory is like swiss cheese and full of holes. Some things I remember and some things I don't.

Still working on a layout for my blog. I think I will stick to the current format. It's more modern and easier to read. 

Hope everyone is safe and if you're in the Northeast US be careful with the snow and ice.


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