Monday, January 18, 2021

Hello 2021

 Small update:

Christmas was a very therapeutic day. I learned more about my youngest in that one day than I did in the past few years since my husband's death.  How I wish they would open up to me more like they did that day. 

My Mom is finally out of quarantine and in a new room. I'm so glad I can send her packages again and know that she's okay. She's supposed to get her 1st round of the Covid-19 vaccine soon. No idea when myself or my kids will get it. It's being spread out in stages in out state.

I hope to redo this page soon. I know it's looking a little meh right now. Raising my pups is pretty much a full time job.

I'm also getting work on the basement done supposedly this week which should have been done months ago. Due to Covid-19 it was put on hold. 

This year is off to a rocky start. I'm really hoping things get better. 

Getting my health back on track.

 I finally saw my general practitioner. It's been a while. She ordered a lot of tests for me to get done.  While I was there I got my 1s...