Monday, December 7, 2020

Personal family update

This month has just started and already it's a mess.

My baby cousin who I was very close to but hadn't spoken to in a while unexpectedly passed away at the age of 45. I'm heart broken and angry about how she was treated before her death. Supposedly she was cleared of having Covid 19 but just stopped breathing.  I am hoping that her brothers find out what really happened and we can all get some type of closure.  She was a sweet person and will be dearly missed. 

My Mom who is in her 70s tested positive for Covid-19 last Wednesday. She thought she just had a cold and told me she was tested last week. Well they did another rapid test. She was one of 13 that tested positive at the facility she's living in. Today I get a call that stated there are 7 more new positive cases bringing the total to 20. All residents will be under quarantine in one wing who are positive. She won't be able to contact me until the end of the month. I am hoping all will be okay.  This brings the total infected where she is to 49. What is the kicker is that they only had 29 cases from February to October.(Sadly three of those passed away.) Why the sudden jump?! 

For anyone that reads this, please take care of yourself, wear your mask and social distance. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year.  I double we will be Covid-19 free but hopefully the cases will get smaller. 

Getting my health back on track.

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