Saturday, August 1, 2020

Why are dreams so cruel?

After my dogs woke me up at 2 AM this morning for whatever reason,I had a dream about my late husband. I've had these types of dreams before. That he's still alive. The accident never happened or in some case he has amnesia and remarried and is living another life.(I'll admit that one really stung.)

This one started off that he made a post on his social media page on Facebook. He was telling everyone on his page he was fine and that it was all a misunderstanding. I even went on his page just to see if it really happened this morning. Even though I know it wasn't true. That's how freaked out the dream had me. I knew it couldn't possibly be true and no one can even access the page since it's been memorialized. It just felt so real though. In the dream I could feel his presence and his warmth. He kissed me on top of my forehead and looked at me and smiled. I asked him where had he been all this time?  He said he would explain everything and then I woke up.

I wonder if Widowers experience the same phantom dreams? I've read that Widows seem to suffer from these types of dreams and it's a common occurrence. I really wish it wasn't. 

Getting my health back on track.

 I finally saw my general practitioner. It's been a while. She ordered a lot of tests for me to get done.  While I was there I got my 1s...