Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Another Endometrial Flare Up

 This morning I woke up from a pleasant dream only to find out my monthly visitor is here. Which for some women it's not that big of a deal. However for me,it's usually a week of heavy bleeding and painful torment. 

I was diagnosed in 2006 by my gynecologist with Endometriosis. This was based off of symptoms alone. No surgery performed. While it didn't hinder my ability to conceive,it makes each month hell. I've been to several doctors for it over the years. The last one I thought was going to help me. As he was considered a specialist in the field for this disease. Maybe he would do some type of surgery to help alleviate my suffering. Nope,all he did was an Endometrial Biopsy to rule out cancer as the cause. Which thankfully I don't have. However that just takes me back to square one all over again. 

This month I got a letter saying he left the practice. The letter was dated from back in June but they never sent it until August. This really makes me want to find another practice. I get Covid 19 is causing issues and back ups but this is extremely frustrating. I can only imagine what pregnant women are dealing with right now. 

So today is just a bit of a rant. For my sisters in arms that suffers from this cruel disease,I see you and I feel you. 

Here is to pain free and better days. 

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