My Personal Experience With Tagged

Summary:This post is going to be about the web site Tagged that has been around for a long time that also has a mobile app. As a woman who used the mobile app,I'm posting this  to share my personal experience I had. If you want to use the mobile version you should be able to find it on your app store.

So here is the back story. is a social discovery website that was founded in San Francisco California back in 2004. It claims to have over 300 million subscribers. They are estimated to have 5.9 million unique guests within the US and 16.9 million globally per month. It's main use is for friends,networking and dating.

*PC Version: Was created first. Can set it up via email  where you get a confirmation email you have to click on before gaining access. You can add your phone number to the account as well. Users can create and customize their own page similar to what Myspace was back in the day. You can add links and music videos and all that fun stuff. Like a dating app, you can click on what photos you like and click the X on what ones you don't care for. You must upload at least one photo of your self to do any of these things. Photos will be monitored. So no funny stuff or they will take down your account. They have this weird game called Pets that lets you "buy and own" friends.  Not my cup of tea so I didn't get into that. Has similar features to the mobile app.

*Mobile Version:  Created in 2011. Can set up with your phone number and get a verification code via text to confirm identity. They have no access to your email. You can do the swipe left and right thing like on Tinder and see likes but you can't see views unless you pay for them. You can see who likes you,customize the site so that only friends or liked profiles can contact you as well as age preferences for browsing and browse by miles. That doesn't always work though. As the mobile app did match me with a lot of guys that were out of state.

What I found: Finding men to text and chat with was relatively easy. I actually found quite a few that were local which was a pleasant surprise. Some I still correspond with via text off the site as I've deleted my account and  the app today. I was able to see when they were online by a little green light and would leave messages for them when they were offline to say hi etc..

Downside:You get to see who the "lifers" are really quickly. They don't talk to women like they are women anymore. They talk to them like objects. Most of them are old pc users from back in the day and will have tons of photos of themselves on the account from when they were younger. None will be recent and you won't know what they truly look like until you've done video chat with them.  Where as mobile guys will probably have a few and will be recent photos.

More weird quirks:PC users can see your friends list just like with Facebook and Myspace. However Mobile users don't have that option. Unless they have to pay for that. I was a standard member. So I am just going off of my experience from that.  I had a "gentleman" actually get mad at me for friending other men while chatting with him. He told me he could see my friends and asked me why I bothered speaking to him when I was adding on more people to talk to. He seemed to have a lot of insecurities and eventually we stopped speaking to each other.

Bottom line:
Tagged is a simple and easy to use site. You just have to play safe and be careful. Like other sites you will have your scammers and cat fish.  So tread carefully should you wish to make an account on here and try it out for yourself. Read the profiles before engaging if you can. Some may have it set to friends only before you can even do that. So you have to ask yourself if you think it's worth it based off their photo alone to send a friend request. Would I ever go back on there? Probably not but as a single woman it was a learning experience. 


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